Virus Effect Remover

Virus Effect Remover 2.0

Virus Effect Remover allows you to check the windows registry and file system
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Virus Effect Remover allows you to check for infections the windows registry and file system. It detects if an error occurs by a virus in the registry and enables the blocked content. In the main window you can see the tabs Main, Process Detail, Block Virus, Startup, Folder Options, and Settings. In the Main tab there are 6 sections: General Tools, Auto Run Options, Registry and Repair Tools, Running Processes, Thanks, and Information Box.
Description of the content of the main tab:

- General Tools. Contains Task Manager, Registry Editor, System Configuration Utility, and Processes list.
- AutoRun Options. Contains AutoRun.inf File Status, Block USB AutoRun, and Show Suspicious Files.
Registry and Repair Tools: Contains Make Registry Backup, Restore Backup, and System File Checker.
Running Processes. Display the running processes.

The Process Detail tab shows all the running processes in a list, and the details of a selected process: process name, ID, path, file size, processor time, page file size, page faults, workingsetsize, parentprocessld, and priority. You can kill a process and also delete it.

The Block Virus tabs helps to restrict any executable file (.exe, .com, etc.).

The Startup tab shows the list of the files that runs at startup.
Folder Options tabs is not ready to use.
Settings tab allows you to mark some useful options: add the program at startup, Ignore CDROM drivem, add an icon in the system try, and enable double click to kill process.
In the Menu are useful tools like run tasks, find file, and other functions.

Important notice: This program is recommended for advanced users. You have to be careful when ending a process because if you end an application, you will lose unsaved data. Also If you end a system service, some part of the system might not function properly.

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  • You can kill unneedful processes, programs at startup and block executable files


  • In the main window in the running process section, it is impossible to kill a process because the window is always refreshing
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